So this is 50?

I have the best husband in the world who has spoiled me ridiculously. I wasn’t expecting a huge present for my birthday, never do with it being so close to Christmas and him having bought me a season ticket. But, apparently Jack had listened to how much I’d been waxing lyrical over Lucy’s new Kindle Oasis… and he bought me one for my birthday! ♥

Lucy got me an awesome glow-in-the-dark cover for it, with shooting star patterns, and a gorgeous print of a solar eclipse that’s going up on my office wall. She also got me a desk organiser.

My dad continued the Cardiff Blues theme from Christmas and bought me a home shirt 😀 My brother got me some amazon vouchers and I got him a recipe book for the instant pot we got him and his wife for Christmas

It was a good birthday all round. It was great to see my dad, my brother, his wife and their kids. We don’t see them often enough and that’s something I want to improve on in 2019. Dad spent the whole time feeding us. He cooked a big fry-up for breakfast on Saturday morning, and Saturday night he ordered Chinese. You can only begin to imagine the sheer amount of food that was delivered for 6 adults and 2 teenagers!

We got back home yesterday evening and we’re having a lazy start to this last day of 2018. Lucy and I are talking about resolutions and goals – Jack’s rolling his eyes at us. He doesn’t get the new year/new start/blank page idea; to him it’s just another day and if you wanted to do/change something, you’d do it then and there, not on a randomly appointed day. I can see it both ways – but still like goal setting none-the-less. I suspect there’ll be another blog post about that later on today or tomorrow

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