Christmas Eve

I think we’re about as ready for Christmas as we’re going to get. All the necessary prep and shopping is done, the house is clean – time to kick back, relax and enjoy spending time with the family. I went to an aquafit class this morning, that was a lot of fun but we have no more plans other than that.

Lucy’s younger sisters are joining us on Christmas Day. That caused a mild moment of panic because we hadn’t got them any presents – we managed to find a lush giftset for Esme and a leather jacket I’m know Polly will love. They’ve also offered to cook which is very nice of them, although Lucy’s not sure she wants to let them lose on her kitchen.

Jack’s son is coming to visit us on Boxing Day – we’ve got him some Amazon Smart Home lighting switches and lightbulbs; he’s in the middle of fitting his flat out with Smart technology and that’s what he’s asked for.
If Esme & Polly are still here on Boxing Day that could potentially be awkward because Jacks’ son is… rather enamored with Esme and flirts with her outrageously.

On Friday we’re going to my dad’s for a long weekend – a birthday tradition, with my brother, his wife and their kids joining us so we can all celebrate my brother and I’s birthday together. Part of me is hoping we find time to go to the National Gallery, I haven’t been in a long time… I might try the fluttering eyelashes and ‘but it’s my birthday’ and see what happens haha.

Back home for New Years. No plans which I’m kind of regretting. I think maybe 2019 we might have to invite everyone round for a party but that’s still a long way off. I like it as a plan though.

If I don’t get back online again – Merry Christmas to you all

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