Lost: one week

Where did the last week go? I feel like once again I blinked and the whole thing went past

I have to admit, I’ve been so exhausted by the end of the term chaos that I’ve not been wanting to look at a screen when I got home. I’ve been just curling up on the couch and trying to relax.

It was a productive week, work wise though. I got all the grades uploaded onto the system, I invigilated some exams, I talked through dissertation topics, I argued grades etc etc. And now term has ended so I’m working on winding down.

Current plan is relax and enjoy things over Christmas, my birthday and New Year, then once the festivities are over I’ve got a week to get everything prepared for the new term.

I got home on Friday evening to find Jack & Lucy had decorated for Christmas. It was a magical feeling, coming home to that at the end of a stressful week was perfect. If I’m ever too old to find Christmas decorations to be wondrous, I will be going to find my grave!

We went to see Aquaman which was incredible and if I didn’t have enough of a crush on Jason Momoa before hand? ❤

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