What’s your name again?

Hi, I’m Samantha and earlier today I forgot my husband’s name.

OK so that makes it sound a little more dramatic than what actually happened but as an opening line I really liked it!

Jack had a fracture clinic appointment this morning so I went up to the hospital with him. We were sitting in the x-ray department waiting room, waiting for him to be called. I’m vaguely aware of names being called but none of them his… until one point where he stands up then offers me a hand up. I’m confused because I didn’t hear them call him, and tell him so. And then I slowly register that a nurse had just called ‘Jonathan Anderson’.

Oh. Right. They meant my husband. Jack’s legal name is Jonathan. It always takes me a moment to put ‘Jonathan’ and my Jack togheher. Because he’s not Jonathan to me. He’s Jack. He’s always been Jack, and he’ll always be Jack. He’s Jack to pretty much everyone – except for his late Father and his older brothers. At our wedding, I even called him Jack when I said my vows.

I suspect he’ll be poking fun at me for that for a few days to come!


2 thoughts on “What’s your name again?

  1. I”m the same way with my older sister! I grew up knowing her by her nickname: Adi, but her full name is Adriana. Anytime I hear someone refer to her by her full name, I’m like, who? Oooh. Ha. I call it her “fancy” name, lols.


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